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Looking Back on the Waggoner Ranch

For the last year and half, we’ve had the honor of sharing the story of the Waggoner Ranch cowboys. From the pages of our award-winning book Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch to the stories we post every day on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, we love helping more people discover these hardworking cowboys.

the waggoner ranch sold recently after 165+ years of family ownership

Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite stories of the W.T. Waggoner Ranch from the last year and a half.

Good Morning, Waggoner

Start your photographic tour of the Waggoner Ranch in the dark morning hours. The Waggoner Ranch cowboys go to work under the light of the moon. This gallery shows the vivid Texas night sky and as the cowboys and their horses head to work.

Never Before Seen Photographs of the Waggoner Ranch

During his time on the W.T. Waggoner Ranch, Jeremy Enlow capture more than 14,000 images. That’s a whole lot of #cowboylife photos. Obviously, most of these photos never made their way into the book. Take a peek into his archives here.

Bobby Daniel Retires After 51 Years

Bobby Daniel is a legend around the Texas ranch. Cowboying on the ranch from 1965-2016, he comes from a long line of Waggoner cowboys. Learn more about Bobby’s story (and the Daniel legacy on the ranch!).

Stan Kroenke Closes on Famed Waggoner Ranch

This is the sale that put the Waggoner Ranch front and center in national news. After years of legal disputes between the heirs, the ranch was sold to Stan Kroenke. With a listing price of $725 million, the sale made headlines.

The History of the Waggoner Ranch

Want to learn more about the history of the largest ranch under one fence in the United States? We round up the most important facts (and some of our favorite trivia) for you here.



Thank you to everyone for following us! We hope you keep sharing the Waggoner cowboys’ story.

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“It was my honor to document this vital piece of Texas history for future generations to enjoy, before it’s gone,” says Jeremy Enlow. “I was shocked a ranch this size still existed with so many Cowboys still practicing cowboying the way it was done 100 years ago, with just their ropes and horses.  The land on the Waggoner is beautiful, but it’s the Cowboys on the ranch that make it a special place.”

Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch is proudly made in the USA. Printed in North Texas, the book is a GO TEXAN product. A portion of the proceeds of the book benefits the Waggoner Ranch Cowboys Fund.


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Waggoner Ranch Horses

If you love cowboys, we’re betting you love horses too. The Waggoner Ranch has raised some amazing horses, most notably Poco Bueno. The stallion was buried standing up in a grave across from the ranch’s entrance.

waggoner ranch horses photographed by Jeremy Enlow

The remuda on the Waggoner are beautiful, and give the ranch hands plenty of choices for fresh mounts. You can see more pictures of these horses in the Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch book.

In 1994, the American Quarter Horse Association published a lengthy article on the history of the Waggoner Ranch horses. At the time, Wes O’Neal was the horse foreman for the ranch.

“The cowboys get to pick their colts by seniority,” O’Neal said. “But anyone who picks a young horse has to turn in one he has in his string.” -Wes O’Neal

Jeremy Enlow photographed many of the ranch’s horses during the making of the book. From the cowboys choosing their horse for the day, to roping the remuda, these animals play an important part in cowboy life.

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Waggoner Ranch History

The Waggoner Ranch sold last year after 165+ years of family ownership. It’s a fascinating place, so we’re sharing some of our favorite pieces of Waggoner history.

1. It started in Wise County

While the sprawling, half-million acre ranch is now located near Wichita Falls, Dan Waggoner got his start in Wise County. He ran his first cattle near Denton Creek.


2. Dan Waggoner’s first cattle cost $8

Yep, Dan’s first longhorns cost less than the hamburger we had for lunch.  (Ok, so that’s in 1849 dollars. It would be about $250 in today’s dollars… still a heck of a deal!)

The Waggoner Ranch in Wichita Falls is the largest ranch under one fence in the United States

3. The Buick Electra was named after Electra Waggoner Biggs

What’s the nicest thing your in-laws have done for you? Electra Waggoner Biggs’ brother in-law named the Buick Electra after her!


4. President Theodore Roosevelt vacationed on the Waggoner Ranch

Always a fan of adventure, Teddy Roosevelt was a guest on the Waggoner. Hunting, riding, and other past times made it a great getaway for the President.


If you love Waggoner Ranch history, don’t miss this great archive of historic Waggoner Ranch photos! 

Happy Mother’s Day!

This Mother’s Day week, we’d like to take a moment to thank all of the great moms in our lives. Whether we work on the ranch or in the photography studio, we all owe a lot to our moms. Thanks for raising hardworking men and women, and for making the future better one child at a time.

Happy Mother’s Day to each of you!


The Waggoner Ranch near Vernon, Texas photographed by Jeremy Enlo

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#MAINST2017 is a Wrap!

Main Street Arts Festival is always a great event, and this year was no exception. We were honored to bring the Jeremy Enlow Pop Up Gallery back to Sundance Square last week for its third and final time at 400 Houston Street. The gallery featured 4,000 sf of fine art prints by Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch photographer Jeremy Enlow, as well as work by Jeremy’s family and friends. Enlow’s new fine art collection “Wander” made its debut at the gallery. And as always, it was great to share the Waggoner Ranch story with so many Main Street Arts Festival visitors!

Pop Up Gallery Highlights

Fine art photography byJeremy Enlow in downtown Fort Worth

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price visited the gallery, along with her husband Tom Price.

Art, music, and more at the Main Street Arts Festival in Fort Worth

In addition to book signings of Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch, visitors also enjoyed live music by Fort Worth musician Cameron Mills.

The fine art photography in Sundance Square featured artwork by friends and family

Jeremy’s children Noah, Elizabeth, and Clara each exhibited work at the gallery. Here, Noah and Jeremy stand with the first owners of one of Noah’s prints.

The pop up gallery had visitors from around the world, and it was truly a one of a kind event. Fort Worth is a great city for the arts, and this festival was a testament to that. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for more upcoming events!

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Last week, we asked our Facebook followers if they’d be game to try Rocky Mountain Oysters. For those of you less familiar with cowboy culinary lingo, that’s one of the many names given to bull testicles. Y’all have a lot of opinions on the subject — it was one of our most popular posts. The overwhelming answer? Not only would you, but you already have. This is a book about real Texas cowboys, after all, and if you’re following along you probably know a thing or two about cowboy cooking.

Dinner on the Waggoner Ranch, cowboy style

Dinner on the Waggoner Ranch, cowboy style

Dinner on the Waggoner Ranch, cowboy style

Once upon a time, Rocky Mountain ranchers needed more cheap nutrition, so they started eating previously discarded cuts of meat. Thus, the most familiar name for this cowboy meal was born. The images above are just a few of the unfiltered cowboy life photographs Jeremy Enlow captured in Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch. It’s a real life look at the inner workings of the Waggoner Ranch cattle operations, from beautiful sunrises to the gritty, hard work the cowboys do daily.

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Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch at Main Street Arts Festival

Love Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch? Don’t miss the Jeremy Enlow Fine Art Photography gallery at Main Street Arts Festival! Texas’ largest music and arts festival is FREE to attend and features amazing artists, musicians, and food.

The Jeremy Enlow Fine Art Photography gallery will be popping up for the festival at 402 Houston St. in Sundance Square.  (Did you come to our pop up galleries at last year’s festival or over the holiday season? Same great location!) Open at 10 a.m. daily April 20-23, the gallery will feature a new selection of fine art prints, signed copies of Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch, special events, and kids’ art activities.

Don't miss the Jeremy Enlow Fine Art Photography Pop Up Gallery at Main Street Arts Festival

Bring your friends and family and enjoy this great event in the heart of downtown Fort Worth. We can’t wait to see you there!

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Photography Events in North Texas this Spring

Our calendars are filled with photography events in North Texas this spring, and we’re already off to a great start. Thank you to everyone who came out to Cowboy True last week! We had a great time talking with everyone who stopped by and seeing the great western art on display. Cowboy True’s mission is “to educate the region about the honor, art, and beauty of the cowboy’s daily life,” and that is a mission we are proud to support. We’re proud to announce that Jeremy Enlow took home a photography award for the second year in a row. It is an honor to be recognized at such a great western art event.

Follow us on Facebook for more photography events in north Texas this spring


Follow us on Facebook for more photography events in north Texas this spring

The kids on the Waggoner Ranch were the subject of much conversation during the event. Here, Julie Enlow talks with visitors about Butch, Kagan, Levi, and Luke – the young cowgirl and cowboys featured in the book.

Upcoming Photography Events in North Texas

Didn’t get the chance to make it to Cowboy True? We’ve got more exciting events just around the corner. Whether you’re looking for a weekend of fun or a quiet event, there’s something for everyone.


Main Street Arts Festival
April 20-23 | Opens at 10 a.m. daily | Downtown Fort Worth

#MAINST2017 is a great event and we are excited to announce the Jeremy Enlow Fine Art Gallery will be popping up for the event

We’re excited to be back at Main Street Arts Festival this year. The festival is free to attend and boasts an incredible collection of art, music, food, and family activities. Get the info you need to plan your visit here. The Jeremy Enlow Fine Art Gallery will be located at the corner of 3rd and Houston Street for the duration of the event. Kid’s art activities, special evening events, and book signings with Jeremy Enlow will take place in our gallery.


President’s Night Out for Conservation at Antek’s Home Furnishings
May 11 | 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. | 1135 Dragon St, Dallas, 75207

For those in the Dallas area, meet Jeremy Enlow at in the Design District on May 11 for a VIP event at Antek’s Home Furnishings. President’s Night Out for Conservation is a fun party to raise awareness about the plight of rhinos, and raise money to support the largest rhino sanctuary and orphanage in the world. We bring like minded individuals from the Dallas, Texas hunting and conservation community together for an evening to remember!

Jeremy will be signing copies of Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch, and there will be a select group of other vendors there as well. Follow us on Facebook for more event details as they become available.


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Jeremy Enlow at Cowboy True

Jeremy Enlow will be in Wichita Falls this Friday and Saturday for Cowboy True. This will be Jeremy’s second year at Cowboy True, and we are excited to be back!

“Cowboy True draws in both the rural and city crowds under one roof to celebrate the western arts. Cowboy True is a first class event packed with not only talented, but approachable artists, outstanding western cuisine, and exceptional entertainment. Combining these elements, Cowboy True is a one of a kind event that I have eagerly looked forward to both years I’ve participated.” -Jeremy Enlow

Event Schedule

Friday Night Chuck Wagon and Concert
March 31 | 5:30 p.m.
Read more and buy tickets here.


Saturday FREE Exhibit Open to the Public
April 1 | 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
See the full schedule of events (including live music & children’s activities) here.


Saturday Night Dinner and Auction
April 1 | 5:30 p.m.
$65 per person | $400 per table
Read more and buy tickets here.



We hope you will come out and experience these great western artists, musicians, and chefs. It’s a great event with something for everyone! Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch will be available for purchase and Jeremy will be signing books.

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