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The Cross on the Wall

The cross hanging on the wall in the cook shack isn’t a decoration.  There was no slick preaching or theological discussions going on across the lunch table to prove it, but the values of the cowboys are easy to see.

Waggoner Ranch Manager Weldon Hawley, foreground, is always the last to get his plate for lunch.  He waits at the cook shack, sometimes an hour or so, until all the cowboys, children, and ranch workers come in for lunch and all fill their plates buffet style. When the last person is finished making their plate, only then will Weldon get his lunch and return to his seat at the head of the table to enjoy the home cooked meal.

Corporations spend a lot of time and money working to figure out how to foster a positive and productive working environment.   Maybe all they need to do is look up at the wall every now and then.


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