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And the Winner is…

Last week, we announced our one of a kind giveaway: a copy of Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch signed by Bobby Daniel. More than 200 of you entered the giveaway on our Facebook page. Thank you to everyone who entered and shared it with friends!


Bobby Daniel signed a one of a kind copy of Jeremy Enlow's book Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch


And now, we are excited to announce that the giveaway winner is Matthew Zeiger. Enjoy your book! It’s truly a piece of Texas history, signed by a legend who worked the Waggoner for more than 50 years.

About Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch

Made in Texas, by Texans, about Texans, Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch tells the story of 26 working cowboys on the historic Waggoner Ranch. Photographed and published by Fort Worth based photographer Jeremy Enlow, it has won a number of awards and is currently on its third printing. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book benefits the Waggoner Ranch Cowboys Fund.


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