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2016 Great Southwest Book Festival Winner

Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch book took top national honors in the 2016 Great Southwest Book Festival.  Besides being named grand prize winner in all book categories, it also was announced as first place winner in the Photography/Art division.
From the judges:
“A fantastic book!  Truly felt like we were riding the range in the old west.  Enlow’s insightful eye and colorful framing make this book a must for anyone who lives in the area and wants to remember the men and forces that shaped the southwest.”
Publisher and photographer Jeremy Enlow will be honored at an awards ceremony in Los Angeles in April.
JD Henry, from Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch by Jeremy Enlow.

JD Henry, from Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch by Jeremy Enlow.

(Cool fact: Law of the Desert Born, Louis L’Amour, et. al, was the grand prize winner last year!)
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#BehindTheScenes of Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch

If you’ve read our book, Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch, or followed us on Facebook, you’ve already gotten a behind the scenes look at the 26 cowboys who work on the Waggoner. Now, we’re taking you behind the scenes of the making of the book!


Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch is photographer Jeremy Enlow’s first book. Inspired by the history of the ranch and its uncertain fate while up for sale, he set to work photographing the cowboys who work on the Waggoner. Throughout the process, he captured more than 14,000 images, like the one of Bobby Daniel (below), Waggoner cowboy since 1965.


Bobby Daniel, Waggoner Ranch cowboy since 1965, from Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch.

Enlow moved fast, photographing and producing the book in only 6 months. Its success was equally swift, with the first run selling out in only 10 days. From the beginning, this book has been a hands-on, family affair with everyone pitching in.

enlow family

The Enlow family, photographed in front of the Waggoner Ranch.

Over the next few months, we’ll be taking you behind the scenes to show you the making of the book and the people who have brought it to life. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so that you never miss a story!


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#LittleTexans Love Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch!

We love seeing #LittleTexans reading Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch.

Reader Nan Ducote sent us this picture of her dad, Ken, reading the book to her daughter’s kindergarten class:


Young and old, people come together over a good cowboy story. Mr. Ducote sure has an attentive audience!

Photographer Jeremy Enlow attended Cowboy Day at an Aledo elementary school. This kindergarten class said their favorite part of the book is the cowboy portraits.



Jeremy brought his dirt-covered cowboy boots to the class. We think they were a hit!


We love our #LittleTexans! As Jimbo Glover said, “They’re our future. They’ll replace us old ones one of these days.” Who knows? Maybe there’s some future cowboys and cowgirls in this crowd.

Does your little Texan love Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch? Leave us a comment or tweet us a pic @WaggonerCowboys!

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On the cover of Western Horseman


In “Waggoner Unfiltered,” Western Horseman takes readers behind the scenes of Waggoner Ranch and the making of the book.



The 9 page story explores some of the iconic images from Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch and features interviews with photographer Jeremy Enlow and Waggoner cowboys. It’s an unfiltered look at Enlow’s inaugural book like you haven’t seen before. Pick up the March issue of Western Horseman today!


Thank you to all of the Western Horseman readers who have visited our website! You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more Waggoner stories. In commemoration of the sale of the ranch, we are offering free shipping on all U.S. orders.

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Cassidy “Butch” Chambliss Portrait in Portrait Awards 2016 Competition Gallery

Jeremy Enlow’s portrait of Cassidy “Butch” Chambliss is featured in the Lens Culture Portrait Awards 2016 Competition Gallery. You can view the portraits featured in the gallery and share Butch’s portrait here.
Portrait of Cassidy "Butch" Chambliss from Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch

Portrait of Cassidy “Butch” Chambliss from Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch

Butch, 11, works hard on the Waggoner. The cowboys don’t cut her slack because of her age. On the Waggoner, teaching children how to work on the ranch is a priority.
Cassidy Chambliss, eleven, who is called “Butch,” works with the same initiative and drive exhibited by the cowboys. Nobody has to tell her to hurry up or pay attention, the cowboy work ethic having been instilled the previous summer. Not intimidated by the heat or the dust or the cattle, Butch hasn’t decided whether she wants to be a veterinarian or a cowgirl.
From Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch
Reflecting on his time on the Waggoner, Jeremy Enlow recalls the special relationship between Butch and one of the Waggoner horses, Romeo. “It’s magical to watch the relationship Cassidy has with Romeo,” he says.  “They both have the greatest mutual love for each other.  No calf dares to get past them.”
Eleven-year-old Cassidy Chambliss works with the cowboys during summer vacation. “Everybody calls me Butch,” she says. “I’ve been riding since I was two years old.” She is happy she’ll be riding Romeo. “He likes to go fast!” she grins.
-From Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch

On the Front Page of Dallas Morning News

While covering the recent sale of the Waggoner Ranch, the Dallas Morning News featured Jeremy Enlow’s photos from Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch on the front page.

DMN front page_Page_1

Image courtesy of the Dallas Morning News |

Jeremy Enlow’s work has been featured by the Dallas Morning News several times before, including this two part series (Part 1, Part 2) following his exhibit at PDNB Gallery. John Davidson, former photo editor for the Dallas Morning News, is a long-time mentor to Enlow and was instrumental in the creation of Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch.

DMN front page_Page_2

Image courtesy of the Dallas Morning News |

We’re honored to have so many photos featured in this momentous issue of the Dallas Morning News. Telling the story of these cowboys to so many people is a great privilege. To commemorate the sale of the ranch, we’re offering free shipping on all U.S. orders for a limited time.


UPDATE 2/21/16: Jeremy’s work is on the front page again!

The Dallas Morning News published one of the most interesting articles on the sale of the Waggoner we’ve seen, and a Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch photo was included in the story!

Jeremy Enlow's photo on the front page of The Dallas Morning News

Jeremy Enlow’s photo on the front page of The Dallas Morning News

From the article:

So what’s Kroenke going to do with Waggoner Ranch?

“Everybody’s going to have to give us a chance to get our arms around this thing and figure out the best direction to head,” said Sam Connolly, general manager of the U.S. division of Kroenke Ranches in Bozeman. “But I will tell you straight out, development is not something we do on these ranches.”

Good news in Texas, y’all.

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Stan Kroenke Closes on Famed Waggoner Ranch

It’s done: NFL owner Stan Kroenke closed on the famed Waggoner Ranch this morning.

“We are excited about integrating this second-to-none ranch with our ranch holdings in the United States and in Canada. This acquisition ties in perfectly with our cattle, wheat, horse and natural resource operations. We look forward to learning from and building on the remarkable heritage of this crown jewel of ranching.” – Sam Connolly, General Manager for Kroenke’s Sports Enterprises



You can read the rest of the Dallas Business Journal’s coverage of the sale here.

To commemorate the sale of the ranch, we are offering FREE shipping on all U.S. orders.

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Waggoner Ranch Sold

Several media outlets, including the Times Record News and Bloomberg Business, are reporting that the Waggoner Ranch was sold in a Vernon courtroom to the Los Angeles Rams/Denver Nuggets owner. Not including the Waggoner, reported owner Stan Kroenke owns 848,631 acres of working ranches in the US.

12661798_1106615976044585_4203305330795534503_n 082WaggonerCowboys_June15_35003 Waggoner_April15_2666
Until today, the Waggoner Ranch has been under the same family ownership since 1849. Texas was founded in 1845.

In 2015, photographer Jeremy Enlow was given exclusive access to the to the cowboys behind the prestigious reversed triple D brand of the Waggoner Ranch, the largest ranch in the United States under one fence. He shot thousands of images, culminating in the publication of his first book, Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch. The book is produced here in Texas. Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch has been hailed as one of the best coffee table books of the year. Enlow is passionate about documenting the lives of these cowboys, whose way of life and working has not changed much throughout the ranch’s history.

As the ranch changes hands today, we are grateful for all of the photographs, stories, and lives we have had the opportunity to document.

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The Cook Shack Then & Now

Talk about Throwback Thursday! We recently uncovered a great photo of the Waggoner Ranch cook shack taken in 1983. It’s remarkable to see how little has changed between then and now.


Waggoner Ranch cook shack now, as photographed by Jeremy Enlow

waggoner ranch cook shak 1983

Waggoner Ranch cook shack in 1983. Photo courtesy of The Portal to Texas History













Do you have any old photos of Waggoner Ranch? We’d love to see them! You can tweet us @WaggonerCowboys or find us on Facebook.

Photo credit for the 1983 photo: The Portal to Texas History.