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Cowboy Daly Welch

Daly Welch is a fourth generation family member to work on the Waggoner Ranch.

“Here recently I’ve been having a few people telling me that I’ll never have a life because I work all the time and don’t go out!” Daly said. “Honestly all I can say is that I do have a life, the best one I could ever ask for! My job is my life.”

“I do what I love every single day! I work with some of my best friends! I work with one of my biggest role models, my dad (John Paul Welch)! And work with guys that I look up to and always will! They teach me something new everyday!”

“So to everyone that doesn’t think I have a life because I work all the time, my life might not be partying in bars all the time and all that, but I wouldn’t trade my life with anyone!”

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