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Make Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch Your Corporate Gift

As the holidays approach, we’re pleased to announce that Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch offers corporate gift options.  No matter the size of your organization, we have options that will satisfy everyone on your list. We offer:

  • Bulk discounts
  • Shipping fulfillment services 
  • Custom signed options

Gift giving should be simple, and with Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch it is. All you have to do is complete your free quote request here and we’ll contact you with all of the information you need to order your corporate gifts. With the current stock of books available, we anticipate that this will be the last holiday season Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch will be available.

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Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch makes a great corporate giftWhat People Are Saying About the Book

“Most readers expect an oversized coffee table book to awe them with color photos, but only a few books can capture the heart of a subject in both color and text. This is one of the few.”
-Texas Tech University magazine book review (March 2016)

“Being a life long Texan (and you’ll understand this if you’re one too), I have seen more than my fair share of “The Cowboy Life” portrayed in the worst way by some slick New York or Los Angeles artist/producer/photographer/journalist… In my travels, it never fails, that I am presented with some misconceived and ill informed lore of how Texas, Cowboys, and country life if portrayed elsewhere. So when I heard about this book – I was naturally skeptical, and fully expected some mockery and over zealous portrayal of country bumpkins, akin to another horrible Woody Harrelson and Kiefer Sutherland performance.. I was horribly, horribly WRONG.”
-Amazon book review, (May 7, 2016)

What is a photo worth? Can a price be placed on an image, or does it remain priceless? What if a photo captures a piece of living history and preserves it for years so that multiple generations will know it existed? That is the sentiment behind the book, Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch. The glossy, bound book is comprised of 180 images displaying true Texas history and documenting a way of life.”
-North Texas Farm & Ranch magazine, (April 2016)

About Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch 

Waggoner Ranch cowboy Josh Stacey's son helps out on the ranch

In 2015, Fort Worth-based advertising photographer Jeremy Enlow visited the Waggoner Ranch over a period of five months. In the process, he captured more than 14,000 images of the largest ranch under one fence in the U.S. At the end of 2015, he released his inaugural book, Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch, documenting the lives of 26 working cowboys from the cow camp division of the ranch. The first run of books sold out in just 10 days. Now in its final printing, Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch makes a great gift, capturing the spirit of Texas.

Committed to maximum quality and supporting his state, Jeremy printed the book right here in North Texas. It’s 100% made in Texas, by Texans, about Texans. Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch is the gift your clients and employees will proudly display on their coffee tables for years to come.

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