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Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch Around the Globe

It’s exciting to see our book travel around the world. Printed in North Texas, copies have sold in 49 of 50 states… But it doesn’t stop there! We’ve also shipped to Austria, Australia, Aland Islands, Brazil, Canada, China, Cuba, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Russia, South Korea and the United Kingdom. For a small, family-owned business, this global reach is incredible.

Kids on the Waggoner Ranch work hard

Where in the world have you taken Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch? We know that the book has traveled farther than we know. From international visitors picking up a book at our pop up galleries, to U.S. residents sending copies as gifts, the story of these cowboys has traveled far and wide. If you own the book and you live outside the United States, head on over to our Facebook page! We love hearing from our customers and want to know where you are reading the story of the Waggoner Ranch cowboys.

The Waggoner Ranch spans more than half a million acres in North Texas. Family owned from 1849-2016, it is the largest ranch under one fence in the United States. In 2015, Jeremy Enlow traveled to the Waggoner to photograph the 26 working cowboys in the cow camp division of the ranch. The result is his first book, Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch. The book documents the day to day lives of these cowboys, preserving the way of life on the ranch before it sold.

Since the sale, approximately one-third of the cowboys have been laid off or retired. Icons of cowboy life, such as the cook shack and bunkhouses have closed. As such, Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch is a last look at a living piece of Texas history that is rapidly changing.

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