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Cowboys at The Modern

Are you in Fort Worth? Stop by The Modern and you’ll see Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch in the gift shop!

You can purchase the book at The Modern in Fort Worth

It’s an honor to have the book available in this museum. The Modern’s collection encompasses more than 2,600 post-WWII objects. The museum has played an important role in Fort Worth and has an internationally recognized collection. #TexasTrivia: The Modern was established in 1892 as the “Fort Worth Public Library and Art Gallery.” Over the years, the name and location have evolved. The current building was designed by Tadao Ando and is as remarkable as the collection inside. Jeremy had the pleasure of photographing Tadao Ando at the museum shortly before it opened.

You can find the book in the back of the gift shop, surrounded by other unique Texan and equestrian themed objects.

Local tip: admission is free every Sunday, so stop on by to view some great art and pick a copy of Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch!

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