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Goodbye, Summer

Summer is a special time on the Waggoner Ranch. With the kids out of school, there’s lots of little cowboys and cowgirls helping out on the ranch. The cowboys don’t mind taking their time to show the kids how to do the job. After all, that’s how you pass down the ranching way of life to the next generation.

Waggoner Ranch cowboy Josh Stacey's son helps out on the ranch

Family is important to these cowboys. Many of them learned the ropes of the ranch from their fathers and uncles. Some of them, like cowboy John Paul Welch, are the latest in a long line of Waggoner Ranch cowboys and employees. John Paul is a third generation Waggoner employee; now his son works on the ranch as well.

With summer coming to a close, there’s less little hands working the ranch. The kids will be heading back to school, leaving the cowboys to ride the ranch on their own. That doesn’t mean the kids won’t still be around. Around here, everybody knows everybody, and that includes the kids. It’s pretty hard for the young ones to get in trouble on the Waggoner with so many watchful eyes around.

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