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A Photographer on the Ranch

While photographing Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch, Jeremy Enlow spent a lot of time getting to know the cowboys. Over the course of 5 months, he documented their work and way of life. Of course, the cowboys couldn’t let him leave without having him try his hand at their work!


This behind the scenes shot shows Jeremy giving roping and branding a go… Much to the cowboys’ amusement. Roping cattle is not in a typical day’s work for a photographer, but Jeremy gave it his best. Josh Rodriquez lent a hand, and it was definitely a memorable moment.

“Some say the working cowboy is becoming a thing of the past. And that may be. But try and tell them that. To them, ‘iconic representation’ is cliché. This is life. They are a living image of the American West. And this is an opportunity to see who they really are. These are the cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch.” -Jeremy Enlow

We’re proud to have the opportunity to take people behind the fence of this historic ranch. The time Jeremy and the Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch team spent on the ranch made a lasting impression, and showed us all what ranch life is really like. With thousands of copies of the book sold, people around the world have had the opportunity to see what these Texas cowboys do every day.

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