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Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch


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Fort Worth-based Jeremy Enlow was given exclusive access to the cowboys behind the prestigious reversed triple D brand of the Waggoner Ranch, the largest ranch in the United States under one fence.

Enlow is an advertising, media and fine arts photographer based in Fort Worth. More than 36,000 of his images have been published worldwide. Enlow grew up in Granbury, Texas, where his first published photo appeared in the Hood County News when he was 10 years old.

Enlow partnered with writer Jan Nichols Batts, a native Texan who started her professional career when she was 14 years old as a reporter for The Abilene Reporter-News.

Committed to supporting local business with maximum production quality, Enlow self-published the hardcover Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch (140 pages – 12 inches tall x 10.5 inches wide), which was printed in Fort Worth by Four Color Press on 100# glossy stock. The book design was handled by Paradigm Creative also from Fort Worth.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to The Waggoner Ranch Cowboys Fund.

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“This handsome collection of photos taken at the historic Waggoner Ranch in northwest Texas—the largest ranch under one fence in the United States, with more than 510,570 acres—portrays the fading cowboy lifestyle pioneered by “lean and dusty riders who braved the wild to make room for a herd.”
Publisher’s Weekly | March 21, 2016


“The book shows we’re still surviving, doing things like they did 100 years ago, the cowboy way.”
– Waggoner Ranch Manager Weldon Hawley. Mr. Hawley has worked at the Waggoner since 1976. Quoted in Western Horseman | March 2016


“Being a life long Texan (and you’ll understand this if you’re one too), I have seen more than my fair share of “The Cowboy Life” portrayed in the worst way by some slick New York or Los Angeles artist/producer/photographer/journalist… In my travels, it never fails, that I am presented with some misconceived and ill informed lore of how Texas, Cowboys, and country life if portrayed elsewhere. So when I heard about this book – I was naturally skeptical, and fully expected some mockery and over zealous portrayal of country bumpkins, akin to another horrible Woody Harrelson and Kiefer Sutherland performance.. I was horribly, horribly WRONG.”
-Amazon book review | May 7, 2016


“What is a photo worth? Can a price be placed on an image, or does it remain priceless? What if a photo captures a piece of living history and preserves it for years so that multiple generations will know it existed? That is the sentiment behind the book, Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch. The glossy, bound book is comprised of 180 images displaying true Texas history and documenting a way of life.” -North Texas Farm & Ranch magazine | April 2016


“And by documenting what might be the end days of the working ranch, photographer Jeremy Enlow sought to put a final sort of punctuation on the tale by documenting the dusty days of those who lived it – the cowboys, up close and personal.”
-360 West magazine| October 2015

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