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At 510,572 acres, the land of the Waggoner Ranch is Texas-sized and beautiful. The terrain changes as you ride across it, reflecting its vast size. It sold this year in what The Land Report calls “the deal of the century,” yet many have never seen behind the ranch’s fence. Here are some of our favorite shots of the land that makes up this historic ranch:

The Waggoner Ranch sold this year in what is being called the deal of the century


John Davidson, former Dallas Morning News Director of Photography, advised Jeremy to take aerial shots of the ranch while he was shooting the book. Jeremy heeded his advice, capturing stunning images from a helicopter that showcase the vast size of the Waggoner.



The Waggoner Ranch is half the size of Rhode Island, and boasts livestock, oil, 26,000 acres in cultivation, and a lake that provides water to the city of Wichita Falls. It truly is a Texas wonder – particularly when you see it at sunrise (below).


Much of the Waggoner Ranch is wild and untamed, home to horny toads and rattlesnakes alike. The cowboys who work here are accustomed to dealing with the elements and the wildlife that lives here.


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“The land on the Waggoner is beautiful, but it’s the Cowboys on the ranch that make it a special place.” -Jeremy Enlow


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