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Saddle Up and Get It Done

Get ready for round 3 of never before published photos from Jeremy Enlow’s archives. (Don’t miss round 1 and round 2 in our series of photos from the archives) 

On the Waggoner Ranch, everyone saddles up and lends a hand during branding season. During Jeremy’s time on the ranch from April – June 2015, he captured the cowboys’ work during this busy season. Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch takes a look at the lives of working cowboys in the dirt and grit of day to day life.

Minimizing stress to the calves is always a top priority to the cowboys. Branding and castration is done right in the pasture, eliminating the need to pen up the calves. On the largest ranch under one fence in the U.S., a single pasture is often 6,000-10,000 acres, so the morning ride to gather calves can take a while.

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