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A View of Thistle Hill

If you’re from Fort Worth, you’ve probably heard of Thistle Hill. A historic mansion from the city’s “cattle baron era,” it is one of Fort Worth’s more impressive landmarks. For people familiar with the Waggoner Ranch, though, the home is even more significant. W.T. Waggoner had the house built for his daughter Electra when she married. He didn’t want her to move too far from home, and this house did the trick.

Jeremy Enlow is an advertising and media photographer based in Fort Worth Texas

On a recent photoshoot for Cook Children’s, Jeremy Enlow was able to capture an unusual photograph of Thistle Hill. Typically photographed from the street, this image shows the enormous size of the home and it’s unique position in Fort Worth.

During her 19-year marriage to Albert Buckman Wharton, Electra and her family resided in the Fort Worth mansion. After their divorce, she moved to Dallas. Electra was a prominent figure in Fort Worth society and the heiress of the Zacaweista section of the Waggoner Ranch. The town of Electra, located near the Waggoner, is named in her honor.

Nowadays, Thistle Hill is a protected historic building available for weddings and receptions. You can take a 360° virtual tour of the mansion here.

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