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#LittleTexans Love Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch!

We love seeing #LittleTexans reading Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch.

Reader Nan Ducote sent us this picture of her dad, Ken, reading the book to her daughter’s kindergarten class:


Young and old, people come together over a good cowboy story. Mr. Ducote sure has an attentive audience!

Photographer Jeremy Enlow attended Cowboy Day at an Aledo elementary school. This kindergarten class said their favorite part of the book is the cowboy portraits.



Jeremy brought his dirt-covered cowboy boots to the class. We think they were a hit!


We love our #LittleTexans! As Jimbo Glover said, “They’re our future. They’ll replace us old ones one of these days.” Who knows? Maybe there’s some future cowboys and cowgirls in this crowd.

Does your little Texan love Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch? Leave us a comment or tweet us a pic @WaggonerCowboys!

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