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Jeremy Enlow at Elaine Turner in Southlake

Love Jeremy Enlow’s photographs in Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch? Don’t miss the chance to see his “Cuba 2016” collection at Elaine Turner in Southlake Town Square this week!

Photographs from Jeremy Enlow's Cuba 2016 will be on display at this VIP Spring Launch Event


This VIP Spring Launch Event will feature the Modern Havana Collection and a selection of Jeremy’s “Cuba 2016” photographs. Complimentary sips and light bites will be served.

In 2016, Jeremy Enlow traveled to Cuba to photograph the everyday lives of the people there without a government filter. You can see some of his photographs of Cuban cowboys here. We hope you’ll join us for this event!


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Serving Up Some Cowboy Wisdom

Cowboying on the largest ranch under one fence is no easy task. Many of the cowboys featured in the book have been at it for decades, working the Waggoner Ranch for 10 hours a day, five or more days a week. Along the way, they’ve learned cowboy skills and a heck of a lot of wisdom. We can all learn from the way Waggoner Ranch cowboys live their lives.

“They are cowboys. They live by another ethic that reveals itself in their work and how they relate to each other. They value people over things. They have a sense of personal responsibility. They know who they are, and they aren’t going to be less than that for anybody.” –from the book

We’ve collected some of our favorite bits of cowboy wisdom and quotes from the book below. Want more? Be sure to follow us on Pinterest where we share Western wisdom, Texas cowboys, and ranch life photographs.

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Thanks for meeting us at Cowboy True, y’all!

We had a great time at Cowboy True last weekend, and it was great to meet so many of you there! Thank you to everyone who came out. Here are some of our favorite images from the weekend:


We’re proud to announce that Jeremy is the 2016 Cowboy True First Place Winner in Photography! #chooseWF



Jeremy discussing the book with local news media at Cowboy True.



A selection of fine art prints from the book were on display. Learn more about the fine art print collection at



Jeremy with one of the judges from Cowboy True. Such a great event!



This was an event to remember! #chooseWF



Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch made the front page of the Times Record News.



Jeremy was honored to have breakfast with US Airmen from the Wichita Falls training facility.



Living legends reading about living legends. We love getting to see people read the book for the first time!

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Cowboy down!

Sometimes being a cowboy is all roping and riding. And sometimes… things don’t go quite so smooth.


It’s safe to say that when your boots are above your cowboy hat, it’s gonna be a rough day.






This work isn’t for the faint of heart, and we are grateful for the cowboys who show up to do it each day. Here’s hoping your boots stay firmly planted on the ground today!

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We're giving away a signed copy of Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch

#BehindTheScenes of Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch

If you’ve read our book, Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch, or followed us on Facebook, you’ve already gotten a behind the scenes look at the 26 cowboys who work on the Waggoner. Now, we’re taking you behind the scenes of the making of the book!


Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch is photographer Jeremy Enlow’s first book. Inspired by the history of the ranch and its uncertain fate while up for sale, he set to work photographing the cowboys who work on the Waggoner. Throughout the process, he captured more than 14,000 images, like the one of Bobby Daniel (below), Waggoner cowboy since 1965.


Bobby Daniel, Waggoner Ranch cowboy since 1965, from Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch.

Enlow moved fast, photographing and producing the book in only 6 months. Its success was equally swift, with the first run selling out in only 10 days. From the beginning, this book has been a hands-on, family affair with everyone pitching in.

enlow family

The Enlow family, photographed in front of the Waggoner Ranch.

Over the next few months, we’ll be taking you behind the scenes to show you the making of the book and the people who have brought it to life. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so that you never miss a story!


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On the cover of Western Horseman


In “Waggoner Unfiltered,” Western Horseman takes readers behind the scenes of Waggoner Ranch and the making of the book.



The 9 page story explores some of the iconic images from Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch and features interviews with photographer Jeremy Enlow and Waggoner cowboys. It’s an unfiltered look at Enlow’s inaugural book like you haven’t seen before. Pick up the March issue of Western Horseman today!


Thank you to all of the Western Horseman readers who have visited our website! You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more Waggoner stories. In commemoration of the sale of the ranch, we are offering free shipping on all U.S. orders.

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Cassidy “Butch” Chambliss Portrait in Portrait Awards 2016 Competition Gallery

Jeremy Enlow’s portrait of Cassidy “Butch” Chambliss is featured in the Lens Culture Portrait Awards 2016 Competition Gallery. You can view the portraits featured in the gallery and share Butch’s portrait here.
Portrait of Cassidy "Butch" Chambliss from Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch

Portrait of Cassidy “Butch” Chambliss from Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch

Butch, 11, works hard on the Waggoner. The cowboys don’t cut her slack because of her age. On the Waggoner, teaching children how to work on the ranch is a priority.
Cassidy Chambliss, eleven, who is called “Butch,” works with the same initiative and drive exhibited by the cowboys. Nobody has to tell her to hurry up or pay attention, the cowboy work ethic having been instilled the previous summer. Not intimidated by the heat or the dust or the cattle, Butch hasn’t decided whether she wants to be a veterinarian or a cowgirl.
From Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch
Reflecting on his time on the Waggoner, Jeremy Enlow recalls the special relationship between Butch and one of the Waggoner horses, Romeo. “It’s magical to watch the relationship Cassidy has with Romeo,” he says.  “They both have the greatest mutual love for each other.  No calf dares to get past them.”
Eleven-year-old Cassidy Chambliss works with the cowboys during summer vacation. “Everybody calls me Butch,” she says. “I’ve been riding since I was two years old.” She is happy she’ll be riding Romeo. “He likes to go fast!” she grins.
-From Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch