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Cassidy “Butch” Chambliss Portrait in Portrait Awards 2016 Competition Gallery

Jeremy Enlow’s portrait of Cassidy “Butch” Chambliss is featured in the Lens Culture Portrait Awards 2016 Competition Gallery. You can view the portraits featured in the gallery and share Butch’s portrait here.
Portrait of Cassidy "Butch" Chambliss from Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch

Portrait of Cassidy “Butch” Chambliss from Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch

Butch, 11, works hard on the Waggoner. The cowboys don’t cut her slack because of her age. On the Waggoner, teaching children how to work on the ranch is a priority.
Cassidy Chambliss, eleven, who is called “Butch,” works with the same initiative and drive exhibited by the cowboys. Nobody has to tell her to hurry up or pay attention, the cowboy work ethic having been instilled the previous summer. Not intimidated by the heat or the dust or the cattle, Butch hasn’t decided whether she wants to be a veterinarian or a cowgirl.
From Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch
Reflecting on his time on the Waggoner, Jeremy Enlow recalls the special relationship between Butch and one of the Waggoner horses, Romeo. “It’s magical to watch the relationship Cassidy has with Romeo,” he says.  “They both have the greatest mutual love for each other.  No calf dares to get past them.”
Eleven-year-old Cassidy Chambliss works with the cowboys during summer vacation. “Everybody calls me Butch,” she says. “I’ve been riding since I was two years old.” She is happy she’ll be riding Romeo. “He likes to go fast!” she grins.
-From Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch