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Thanks for meeting us at Cowboy True, y’all!

We had a great time at Cowboy True last weekend, and it was great to meet so many of you there! Thank you to everyone who came out. Here are some of our favorite images from the weekend:


We’re proud to announce that Jeremy is the 2016 Cowboy True First Place Winner in Photography! #chooseWF



Jeremy discussing the book with local news media at Cowboy True.



A selection of fine art prints from the book were on display. Learn more about the fine art print collection at



Jeremy with one of the judges from Cowboy True. Such a great event!



This was an event to remember! #chooseWF



Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch made the front page of the Times Record News.



Jeremy was honored to have breakfast with US Airmen from the Wichita Falls training facility.



Living legends reading about living legends. We love getting to see people read the book for the first time!

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