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How ‘Bout That Texas Sky

There’s a lot to see on the Waggoner Ranch. With more than half a million acres, there are lakes, pastures, and homes. But one of our favorite sights? That beautiful Texas sky. There’s no doubt you’re somewhere special when you look up at this view. From the deep gold of morning to the bright blue of afternoon, every hour brings something new.

When the cowboys finish breakfast and start trailering their horses out to the pasture, the sky is still inky and dark. Soon, the deep orange sun will rise, silhouetting the cowboys as they ride. In the afternoon, the crisp blues seem incredibly bright. Of course, the Texas sky is riveting, but it’s not the most impressive feature of the historic Texas ranch. “The land on the Waggoner is beautiful,” remarks Jeremy Enlow, “but it’s the Cowboys on the ranch that make it a special place.”

“This handsome collection of photos taken at the historic Waggoner Ranch in northwest Texas—the largest ranch under one fence in the United States, with more than 510,570 acres—portrays the fading cowboy lifestyle pioneered by “lean and dusty riders who braved the wild to make room for a herd.” –  Publisher’s Weekly


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