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Waggoner Ranch Cowboy Josh Stacey

Waggoner Ranch cowboy Josh Stacey is one of the 26 cowboys featured in Jeremy Enlow’s award-winning book Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch. While Josh is a first generation cowboy, his son can already be found helping out on the ranch. Family is important on the Waggoner, and all of the cowboys pitch in to help the kids learn how to work the ranch.

Waggoner Ranch cowboy Josh Stacey's son helps out on the ranch

Josh Stacey’s son, Jeb (center), helps out on the Waggoner Ranch.

Waggoner Ranch cowboy Josh Stacey

Josh Stacey working the Waggoner during spring branding

Josh Stacey is one of 26 Waggoner Ranch cowboys in Jeremy Enlow's inaugural book

Portrait of Waggoner Ranch cowboy Josh Stacey

“I’m a guy who didn’t come from a cowboy family. I grew up in Henrietta. I had friends that rodeoed. A family friend raised horses. I was always around it. When my friends went off to school, cowboying seemed like the thing to do.” – Josh Stacey

When talking about his work on the ranch, Josh smiles. “I just always wanted to do it. I started training horses.” He finds it satisfying work. “You never quit learning.”

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