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Waggoner Ranch History

The Waggoner Ranch sold last year after 165+ years of family ownership. It’s a fascinating place, so we’re sharing some of our favorite pieces of Waggoner history.

1. It started in Wise County

While the sprawling, half-million acre ranch is now located near Wichita Falls, Dan Waggoner got his start in Wise County. He ran his first cattle near Denton Creek.


2. Dan Waggoner’s first cattle cost $8

Yep, Dan’s first longhorns cost less than the hamburger we had for lunch.  (Ok, so that’s in 1849 dollars. It would be about $250 in today’s dollars… still a heck of a deal!)

The Waggoner Ranch in Wichita Falls is the largest ranch under one fence in the United States

3. The Buick Electra was named after Electra Waggoner Biggs

What’s the nicest thing your in-laws have done for you? Electra Waggoner Biggs’ brother in-law named the Buick Electra after her!


4. President Theodore Roosevelt vacationed on the Waggoner Ranch

Always a fan of adventure, Teddy Roosevelt was a guest on the Waggoner. Hunting, riding, and other past times made it a great getaway for the President.


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