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Waggoner Ranch Horses

If you love cowboys, we’re betting you love horses too. The Waggoner Ranch has raised some amazing horses, most notably Poco Bueno. The stallion was buried standing up in a grave across from the ranch’s entrance.

waggoner ranch horses photographed by Jeremy Enlow

The remuda on the Waggoner are beautiful, and give the ranch hands plenty of choices for fresh mounts. You can see more pictures of these horses in the Cowboys of the Waggoner Ranch book.

In 1994, the American Quarter Horse Association published a lengthy article on the history of the Waggoner Ranch horses. At the time, Wes O’Neal was the horse foreman for the ranch.

“The cowboys get to pick their colts by seniority,” O’Neal said. “But anyone who picks a young horse has to turn in one he has in his string.” -Wes O’Neal

Jeremy Enlow photographed many of the ranch’s horses during the making of the book. From the cowboys choosing their horse for the day, to roping the remuda, these animals play an important part in cowboy life.

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